NEUROSCIENTISTS CONTINUE TO DISCOVER new and powerful compounds only found in the NON-EXTRACTED hemp plant known as Hemp Paste or the WHOLE PLANT. Hemp Paste is an edible paste that uses the leaves and buds of the whole hemp plant minus any stems.

Currently, scientists estimate that the whole hemp plant contains over 510 compounds. CBD oil is a BIPRODUCT of hemp and contains between one (1) and (a maximum of) 186 compounds, depending on the extraction process.

SCIENTISTS AROUND THE WORLD including Dr. Ethan Russo, MD, from the International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute (ICCI), claim that a single component from the Cannabis plant such as CBD or THC is incapable of matching the therapeutic potential of multiple compounds (whole plant) working together.

This is basic pharmacology. By extracting one compound from the whole plant, the therapeutic benefits disappear. In fact, CBD isolate cannot interact with its counterparts because they have been removed by chemical extraction. By following the steps of Big Pharma, the entire CBD oil industry has made itself obsolete.

  • CBD Isolate = 1 compound
  • CBD oil = up to 186 compounds
  • Hemp Paste = 510 compounds (complete genetic code of the plant)

The creation of the Cannabis plant was not a mistake. But the CBD oil industry must think so because they only use the oil and throw the rest in the trash. The fact is GOD/MOTHER NATURE did not make a mistake, humans did.

CBD oil extraction is an ironic paradox because the goal is to create medicine, but the entire extraction process significantly degrades the medicinal value.


ALL THE COMPOUNDS of hemp, such as the terpenes and cannabinoids have synergistic relationships with one another. The scientific term is “The Entourage Effect.” Many important compounds evaporate during chemical extraction, one being terpenes. By removing most of the terpenes from the plant, CBD oil extraction severely decreases the medicinal effects.

Since terpenes interact with cannabinoids to produce multiple layers of efficacy, companies are adding them back to the damaged CBD oil after extraction. A single 32-ounce bottle of hemp terpenes can sell for as much as $17,000. Obviously, the Cannabis industry must believe that terpenes are extremely important, or they would not spend $17k to add them back to CBD oil. What’s absurd about CBD oil extraction is, why destroy the healing properties through chemical extraction when you can use the entire plant, like Hemp Paste… which keeps 100% of the terpenes and all 510 compounds?


  1. Hemp Paste contains healing properties that CBD oil does not have.
  2. The need for machines, chemicals, technicians, and electricity is eliminated with Hemp Paste.
  3. The manufacturing cost to produce Hemp Paste is 1/30 compared to CBD oil thus making it affordable to the world.
  4. Eliminating the machines, chemicals, and electricity is a GREEN CHOICE that CBD oil cannot achieve.


Imagine only bein abl to use 16 letrs out of 26 letrs of the alphbt. You culd stll comunicat, but it would be very limited. CBD oil compared to the whole plant is exactly that. You feel the results of CBD oil but until you try the whole plant you will never understand the difference.