The $100,000.00 Hemp Cook-off Contest

There has been a lot of heated debate over the quality and medicinal value Hemp products contain. Assuming the flower was grown pesticide-free and was harvested and dried to perfection, we can then examine the extraction method in which the products are made.

For many years, thousands of people have debated over which extraction method is the best at preserving Terpenes and all the medicinal properties.

The second concern is which method can extract the most Cannabinoids to make a profit. Unfortunately, science has proven that you can’t have the best of both worlds. The more you extract the plant to maximize profits, the more you damage the medicine. If you choose to create a higher bioavailability product you must use a gentler natural extraction method. The problem with this method is a substantial amount of the cannabinoids will not release from the plant. My Nutra coined the phrase “No Strain on the Strain”. So which method retains the most Terpenes and creates the most Cannabinoids per pound of hemp flower? Is it oil or paste?

My Nutra the creators of hemp paste would like to host a $100,000.00 Hemp cook-off.

There will be 10lbs of hemp Flower. The bud/flower will be gently mixed and split up into two parts where each contestant will receive 5lb. The contestant who creates the most Cannabinoids and Terpenes per 5lb wins the $100,000.00

The sole purpose of this contest is to resolve any debate on which product or method is better for the consumer, environment, cost efficient and has the highest medicinal value. To put a price on the contest is to put an end to any misinformation or debate. If you would like to take the 100k challenge, please call 855-656-8872 for more details.

Thank you.

Brad Morehouse