My Nutra® would like to clearly state that we are NOT making any medical claims on this website. Our purpose is to ONLY compare chemical extracted CBD oil to the whole Hemp plant otherwise known as Hemp Paste™.

For thousands of years, cannabis oils have been used in medicine. In 2003, Canadian Rick Simpson who was making an alcohol-based extraction noticed a correlation or change with his cancer when he consumed the THC oil more frequently. Out of curiosity Mr. Simpson decided to apply the oil on his skin cancer and his results were shared on YouTube which went viral.


In 2011, Brad and Vienna Morehouse, the creators of Hemp Paste™ wanted to help Brad’s father with early stages of Alzheimer’s and heard about how cannabis oil helped with this horrible disease. Brad started watching YouTube videos on how to make the oil and was shocked by how dangerous it was to make. The news reports were showing people blowing up their kitchens and people ending up in the hospital with life threatening burns.

Brad decided to do some research on how cannabis was made all the way back to 2000 BC. Interestingly enough Brad met some historical scholars who were deep into the history of the middle east who offered to help answer his questions. It turned out that people back 900 years ago in Jerusalem would take 9 pounds of cannabis bud and put it in a clay jar with olive oil and let it sit in the hot sun for 3 weeks.

Brad followed the science and came up with a calculation that if cannabis smokers can activate the cannabinoids in only 2 seconds by smoking it, compared to how people 900 years ago activated it in 3 weeks in the sun, what time and temperature would preserve 100% of the medicinal value? Today’s CBD oil extraction machines destroys so much of the good compounds because the process of separating the oil from the plant is honestly a huge mistake. CBD oil is effective but unless you try the whole plant or Hemp Paste™ you will never know the difference.

Here is a logical thought. If Mother Nature or God intended the cannabis plant to be a gift to help humanity, then there’s no need to use chemicals or extraction machines to benefit from this plant. Think about it, there was no extraction equipment 2000 years ago and yet people availed of its medicinal wonders. The whole plant is perfect in its original state and why in the world would we destroy so many of the plant’s compounds by stripping it down to an oil. This is why Hemp Paste™ was created.