Please note that when MyNutra manufactures Hemp products, we will use the same hemp batch for all our products until it runs out which means some of the lab reports will be identical. To better understand our lab tests, scroll to the bottom of this page to read the full details.

HEMP FLOWER PROFILE (used in all our products).11.18.22

Hemp Paste – 2000mg

Hemp Paste – 500mg

Canna Sleep – 500mg

Canna Doggy – 230mg

Hemp Paste – 1000mg

Hemp Paste – 250mg

Canna Doggy – 2000mg

Kitty Canna – 230mg

Hemp Cream

Hemp Cream Original – 75mg

Hemp Cream Massage – 75mg

Hemp Cream Anti-Aging – 75mg

Hemp Cream Sensitive Skin – 75mg

Hemp Cream Original – 300mg

Hemp Cream Massage – 300mg

Hemp Cream Anti-Aging – 300mg

Hemp Cream Sensitive Skin – 300mg

Hemp Chocolate Bars

Canna Milk Chocolate Bars

Hemp Coffee & Cocoa

Hemp Coffee

Hemp Cocoa – Peppermint

Hemp Cocoa – Mint

Meal Replacements

Meal Replacement – Chocolate

Meal Replacement – Vanilla

Terpines & Pesticides

Understanding the Lab Reports

Hemp Paste is very different from CBD oil when it comes to lab testing. In fact, the accuracy of the lab tests is highly consistent with Hemp Paste compared to CBD oil. We will explain in detail why. 

CBD oil makers don’t test the flower but test the oil which changes constantly. If the extraction machine settings are set to the same each time, the COA or lab test will still change because of the nature of extraction. Every hour the machine runs, the Terpenes, Cannabinoids and potency change.

It is a constant change in every batch of oil. Whereas Hemp Paste does not use extraction machines so there is NO change.

To get a product that is 100% the same in every jar you must take at least 200 pounds of hemp flower and mix/grind it in a huge commercial blender which we have. After it is mixed we then test the batch in 3 different areas of the 200lbs. When we do this the product is 98% to 99.9% identical and then we adjust the product recipes. It would be 100% identical BUT because laboratory testing machines (HPLC) are off + or – 2%. In short, our products are 99.9% identical but lab machines are not.

That batch of hemp flower is then used in all of our creams, paste, coffee and chocolate bars.

As a product runs out we open up more 5 gallon buckets of hemp powder (from the 200lb) and make more product. If that batch runs out we then repeat the process and request more lab tests and then upload them to this page.

One could say it is a waste of money and time to even test each product category, but we do it anyways because it is hard for the general public to understand how accurate our systems are. Also, it doesn’t hurt to have 3 or 4 lab confirmations.

In summary:

We test one product of each category and combine them. For example, there are 4 kinds of Hemp creams/scents but we just test one of the creams.

We test 3 times each 200lb batch to create our recipes.

Feel free to call us if you want to get geekier about our systems.

Thank you.

My Nutra team