NEUROSCIENTISTS CLAIM that the cannabis hemp plant is perfect in its natural state and that they can’t find any constituents in the plant that should be removed. It is a fact, that only the whole plant can deliver the full range of medicinal benefits compared to when it is chemically reduced into CBD oil. If this is true, then why is the entire CBD oil industry removing critically important constituents from the plant just to make them into oil droplets? The magnitude of this mistake is truly a billion-dollar blunder.



Hemp Paste is the whole entire plant minus any stems. It is the world’s ONLY Hemp product that is not chemically extracted into oil. Hemp can be picked fresh right out of the garden and canned in a mason jar just like Grandpa’s Jam. When you open up a jar of Hemp Paste for the first time, you will possibly giggle and ask yourself if this stuff is legal because it looks and smells like a cannabis flower. Your curiosity will lead you to read the fine print to discover that Hemp Paste is the real deal because our hemp strain is federally approved and is NOT psychoactive.

CBD OIL IS INCOMPLETE! Look at the illustration below.

Neuroscientists and industry experts have repeatedly claimed that the more compounds that are retained from the plant, the more synergistic results will occur.

Several advantages will occur when using the whole plant or Hemp Paste versus a chemically stripped-down oil. Many consumers claim that when they switched to Hemp Paste, they were able to reduce their dosage significantly which equates to a lower cost for the consumer.

The most significant benefit of using the whole genetic code of the plant is that 100% of the reactant compounds are present. CBD oil extraction removes and destroys delicate compounds and vital Terpenes which decreases synergistic results.

CHEMICALS, MACHINES AND CERTIFIED TECHNICIANS. Imagine a HUGE warehouse filled with high-tech machines and technicians in white lab coats burning up chemicals and electricity just to separate the oil from the plant.

The amount of cost and labor and the environmental footprint that is left behind can be 100% eliminated simply by using Hemp Paste.

Keep in mind that 100% of the industry is chemically separating the oil from the plant for no other reason than to create a product that can be dispensed into droplets rather than a scoop of natural Hemp Paste. In other words, consumers and manufacturers mistakenly assume PhytoCannabinoids can only work if it is separated from the plant.

IT IS A FACT that Neuroscientists and industry experts around the world cannot find any compound in the plant that should be removed. So why is there a billion-dollar industry building machines and pumping chemicals into our air to remove compounds from a perfect plant? This insane method only destroys the medicine and massively jacks up the cost which the consumer pays for. Imagine a product like Hemp Paste that uses no chemicals or machines and leaves NO environmental footprint, that actually works better and takes fewer milligrams.


One of the huge blunders behind the whole extraction idea is trying to separate the compounds from the plant. The more stress or violent action used during a chemical extraction, the more CBD is released from the plant, but unfortunately, more damage and evaporation occur which greatly decreases the medicinal benefits. What is so highly misunderstood is so many scientists have no idea what the minor cannabinoids do. Everyone talks about THC, CBD, CBN, CBG, and CBC but you never hear about the remaining other estimated 95 cannabinoids. GW Pharmaceuticals and other Neuroscientists have stated that minor cannabinoids are reactants which means they have a role in the entourage effect.

Cannabis Case Studies have been based on the top 10 Cannabinoids but not the entire plant. To this day, My Nutra the creator of Hemp Paste has had numerous users of CBD oil claim that when they switch to Hemp Paste, they had an experience that CBD oil never gave them. The world has gone crazy over this plant and every day we hear more and more amazing stories about each compound and how they synergistically work together known as reactants.

THE MOLD AND THE ENORMOUS DRYING MACHINES. Did you know that Hemp farmers have a two-week window to harvest and dry the plants? Imagine 70 acres of hemp plants that have to fit into a barn. The logistics of this process are a huge nightmare usually ending up with a moldy product that is made into CBD oil and sold to the public. Since the hemp won’t all fit into the barn, many acres of hemp are usually left to rot in the field. Companies worldwide have spent millions of dollars trying to figure out how to extract oil from a fresh plant but have failed. Regardless, if they ever succeed the cost to do so would be prohibited as farmers would rather process moldy hemp or use huge propane dryers seen in the photo on the left, which greatly degrades the product and uses massive energy.

Hemp Paste is the ONLY product that can take the whole plant fresh right from the field and bypass the entire nightmare. No mold, loss, cost, or massive carbon emissions. Fresh and not dried Hemp Paste has thousands of times more terpenes and medicinal benefits. MyNutra has the trademark “No Strain on the Strain” ®.


It is really easy to jump to the idea that the benefits of the whole plant are about nutrition, but it is light years beyond that. If you briefly read up on the human EndoCannabinoid system and then read up on how PhytoCannabinoids affect the endocannabinoid system, you will get chills reading about it. Neuroscientists claim that there are an estimated 118 different kinds of cannabinoids and around 150 kinds of terpenes found in the hemp plant and that they all synergistically work together creating the entourage effect.

“God” or mother nature (depending on your belief) created the plant in its entirety for a reason and Neuroscientists will tell you that in nature or even with pharmaceutical drugs if you remove or change one of the compounds, it will not work or it will decrease its efficacy. In fact, in many cases can negatively affect the human body. It is a fact that the majority of the terpenes evaporate during chemical extraction including some of the delicate cannabinoids such as cannabinoids C-15 thus decreasing the efficacy.


Several companies are processing CBD isolate into nano-size particles claiming that more surface area creates more absorption. As this is scientifically true, they took 10 steps backward because the entourage effect has been eliminated. Nano CBD is an isolate that is missing 99% of the genetic code of the plant making it impossible to have an entourage effect. The whole plant has over 550 constituents and to create Nano CBD oil you only end up with 1/550 of the plant’s compounds. This is a huge step backward, but the marketing hype is all about the great absorption rate. Having 10 times the absorption of an incomplete, inferior product does not make it more bioavailable as they claim.

What’s crazy about this “Nano CBD” is the CBD oil industry has already established, with scientific evidence, that CBD isolates are inferior compared to CBD oil or the whole plant because it has a zero-entourage effect.

In order to achieve an entourage effect, you would have to turn hundreds of the remaining plant's compounds into nanoparticles which is impossible as the terpenes and more would be destroyed in the process. If you mix non-nano particles with nanoparticles the delivery time would be so off that it would defeat the purpose.

Additionally, PubMed released a study on “Toxicity Assessment in the Nanoparticle Era” which basically sums it up in one word “Nanotoxicology”. The concern is that small 25nm to 50nm nanoparticles can damage your DNA and build up inside the organ walls thus causing inflammation and permanent damage. Product labeling of nanoparticles is not regulated by the FDA and many companies are claiming their products are 25nm. Innovation is a beautiful thing but when it leaves out common sense, it becomes dangerous. That is why natural is the safest.


One of the top manufacturers of terpenes has a bottle of hemp terpenes that costs $17,000.00 for 32 ounces. Let’s look at this logically. The 17k price tag must mean two things.

  1. Terpenes must be very, very extremely important!
  2. Terpenes are obviously destroyed during extraction otherwise why would you have to put them back into the CBD oil?

Conclusion: Why not just use Hemp Paste? Forgive our directness as this next statement could possibly offend someone but hopefully, you will laugh with us. Our conclusion is: somebody has been smoking way too much of their own product and it must have been laced with stupid.



By reading the above content, anyone with a sense of business must have figured out by now that Hemp Paste is hugely more profitable and works better than CBD oil, and leaves no environmental footprint.

What this means is the people who could not afford this amazing medicine now can.

In 2014 Mr. Morehouse the creator of Hemp Paste wrote an article entitled: Can Cannabinoids in Cannabis Paste fight off Ebola? which was picked up by news agencies around the world. Mr. Morehouse explained how cannabinoids could calm the Cytokine Storm. The “Storm” is when various inflammatory cytokines are produced at a much higher rate than normal. This overproduction of cytokines causes positive feedback on other immune cells to occur, which allows for more immune cells to be recruited to the site of injury which can lead to organ damage. Ebola, COVID, and Sars main downfall is the Cytokine Storm and Mr. Morehouse is the first to connect the dots back in 2014 when Mr. Morehouse claimed that cannabis contained properties that would calm the storm. In 2021, there are over 19 separate publications confirming Mr. Morehouse’s nearly decade-old claim.

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The $100,000.00 Hemp Cook-off Contest

There has been a lot of heated debate over the quality and medicinal value Hemp products contain. Assuming the flower was grown pesticide-free and was harvested and dried to perfection, we can then examine the extraction method by which the products are made.

For many years, thousands of people have debated over which extraction method is the best at preserving terpenes and all their medicinal properties.

The second concern is which method can extract the most cannabinoids to make a profit. Unfortunately, science has proven that you can’t have the best of both worlds. The more you extract the plant to maximize profits, the more you damage the medicine. If you choose to create a higher bioavailability product you must use a gentler natural extraction method. The problem with this method is a substantial amount of the cannabinoids will not release from the plant. My Nutra coined the phrase “No Strain on the Strain”. So which method retains the most terpenes and creates the most cannabinoids per pound of hemp flower? Is it oil or paste?

My Nutra the creators of hemp paste would like to host a $100,000.00 Hemp cook-off. There will be 10 lbs. of hemp Flower. The bud/flower will be gently mixed and split up into two parts where each contestant will receive 5 lb. The contestant who creates the most cannabinoids and terpenes per 5 lb. wins the $100,000.00

The sole purpose of this contest is to resolve any debate on which product or method is better for the consumer, and environment, cost-efficient, and has the highest medicinal value. To put a price on the contest is to put an end to any misinformation or debate. If you would like to take the 100k challenge, please call 855-656-8872 for more details.

We have videos from world-famous neuroscientists confirming the whole plant is superior to isolates and CBD oil. Contact us and we'll be happy to send them to you.

Thank you.


The Blueberry story.

Since 2014 several pharmaceutical companies have verified that blueberries are very effective in treating Alzheimer’s.

Millions and millions of dollars and years of research have been spent on the attempt to recreate the chemical structure of a blueberry in order to make a drug that would treat Alzheimer’s but to this day they have had zero results. Their scientific findings have concluded that every compound found in the blueberry is needed in order to treat Alzheimer’s and synthetically replicating a blueberry is futile.

This is a perfect example of why Hemp Paste or the whole plant works better than a chemically stripped-down CBD oil. Hemp Paste is the complete genetic code of the plant.