The History Behind Hemp Paste


The story behind the creation of Hemp Paste™ is quite extraordinary. In 2015, we made legislative history when Hemp Paste™ was added to the legal definitions for the Charlotte’s Web law in the state of Florida.

In 2012, the founders and creators of Hemp and Canna Paste™, Brad and Vienna Morehouse, discovered the powerful healing benefit behind this miracle plant when they visited Brad’s father in Arizona. Brad’s father suffered from Alzheimer’s and a friend recommended that Brad should give cannabis oil to his father. It was a definite step of faith to try to recommend this to his father since he wasn’t certain that he would approve but he did, and his condition improved. The oil helped him tremendously to the point that he was back to his sweet old self. Brad’s Mother was so grateful as it helped improve their marriage as dad was so much more pleasant when he was taking the hemp paste.

This major life event triggered Brad to tell the world about the amazing healing power of the cannabis by creating the website News about this impressive breakthrough started to spread, and the phone was ringing off the hook as many people wanted to get their hands on this new natural medicine.

Because of Brad’s deep desire to help people, he researched on how to make cannabis oil and was shocked to discover that the whole process of making the oil is not only wasteful and ignorant but extremely dangerous. So, with great confidence and courage, Brad went and looked for ways to acquire cannabis even putting his life at risk. After a few experiments and more research, he was able to come up with a formula that uses the whole plant and zero waste. This is when the idea of creating paste instead of oil was conceived. And Cannabis Paste™ and Hemp Paste™ was born.


  • The flagship product of My Nutra
  • No harsh chemicals or processing used
  • 100{3e4954d70d93af20f975e1d92edcf52bb70eda81f1d74e2a3ccea2be4e610ec9} of the plant used with no alteration (whole plant method)
  • 7 cents per milligram of CBD