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Hemp paste is the flagship product of My Nutra. In fact, they are the creators of hemp paste. In 2014 My Nutra made legislative history. The law firm of Morgan and Morgan in Florida, who wrote the legal definitions of hemp and cannibas, consulted with My Nutra and put into legislative law their proprietary creation of cannibas paste.  The purpose of this law was to identify the difference between cannibas paste and oil. In addition to their flagship product hemp paste, My Nutra also makes hemp cream and the world’s only vegan dark chocolate bar with hemp paste.

In legal terms, hemp paste is just called hemp.  Law stipulates that hemp must be less than .3% THC and hemp paste meets these standards.  It took 4 years of crossbreeding and testing over 330 cannabis plants to find what now tests at .24% THC and 19.37% CBD in My Nutra’s hemp paste.  Most hemp only contains only 2-3% CBD. This means you need a lot of hemp to make a CBD product, which requires concentrating the product. There are some complications in concentrating hemp; the THC also gets concentrated during the process and then chemicals or strong solvents are added. This causes the natural structure to be altered.  Hemp paste, on the other hand, does not require any concentrating thus eliminating the need to use additives.

Hemp paste is also made using the whole plant method.  Zero parts of the plant are removed whereas some CBD oil companies actually admit that they have removed 100% of the plant, or flower, out of their products. The whole plant holds more than 118 different kinds of cannabinoids and many of the delicate cannabinoids are destroyed by the butane, alcohol, and CO2 used during the extraction process that’s used in making CBD oil. This process also destroys 99.1% of the terpenes found in the plant. Hemp paste is also made with MCT (medium chain triglycerides) oil. MCT’s are forms of fatty acids that bond to the cannabinoids and allow the cannabinoids to travel through the blood-brain barrier. This in itself makes hemp paste medicinally superior.  Our slogan is “The whole plant and nothing but the plant, so help me God“.

Because hemp paste does not go through costly processes such as extraction, it is sold at an incredible value to customers.   If you were to research all of the companies that sell CBD oil, you would find that the retail cost of CBD averages 20 cents or more per milligram. The cost of our Hemp Paste, on the other hand, is less than 7 cents per milligram.


The Hemp Paste is helping with my pain

It’s great!

I love My Nutra products! The Hemp Paste is helping with my inflammation and pain, and the chocolate tastes delicious. I am sleeping better and I do not have the daily pain that I have been having for so many years. Thank you My Nutra!

I have noticed an increase in my focus! It helps me sleep well at night without making me sleepy, and gives me energy without keeping me awake. As a person passionate about health and wellness, workouts are a vital part of my life, and my muscle recovery time has been dramatically decreased as a result of using the paste. I love what My Nutra has done for me and my health!!!!

I recently had a hip replacement surgery and the pain killers made me loopy. CBD paste did not! And the inflammation relief was significant. So I’m still using it I’m 4 weeks out now. Also, a friend of mine has been using the paste for relief from cancer pain. Nothing else helped. I appreciate the quality of the product, and the service from the company. My Nutri went 9 yd beyond what I hoped to get her CBD paste when it was needed. I am fully satisfied with being a small business owner with mynutra.

The Hemp Paste completely resolved issues with anxiety, also helps me sleep. Started taking it after I was diagnosed with a spirochete infection a few years ago. I feel it was an important part of my protocol to heal from that, as well. Love the products, love the company!

This stuff is amazing. I started taking the paste back in May, and noticed difference within the first stage of the stacking effect, an hour and a half. I noticed more differences within the following days, and it helps me with so much. Taking just 40 mg a day helps with better digestion, less muscle soreness, maintaining weight and muscle mass. It helps me sleep better, but also helps me focus, concentrate and improves my overall brain function. I could go on with specific instances I’ve noticed huge improvements, but basically, it’s amazing. It improves so many areas of my life, and I haven’t been sick since before I started taking it. I’m excited to see if I can make a record for the longest time without being sick, and I’m excited about hopefully gaining more muscle mass since taking it. It has definitely changed my life and I’m grateful to God for it!

I sleep well feel wonderful all day long

I’m dealing with Skin Cancers, Arthritic pain, general aging issues.

We started with the doggy Canna. We’ve used it for over a year on 5 dogs. We can tell a difference for their health issues. I’ve been using the hemp cream on a painful thumb joint. Nothing else has helped like this! Hemp paste – I had inflammation and my husband has chronic back pain. Since using the paste he no longer has to take other meds.

Love the Hemp Paste. I have been using it for about 2 years now, replaced medicines/chemicals, have not been to a doctor for treatment since! This product is marvelous! I recommend it to anyone…you will not be disappointed…it is expensive but a much better alternative to drugs!!!!! Have use the Hemp cream to treat eczema, cream is a great alternative to using steroid creams prescribed by doctors.

I recently had back surgery in April with a 3 disk fusion. After 3 months I had to go back to work still in the healing process. I am a car salesman, anyone in the business knows how much work we do with walking and the long hours,,it’s brutal, especially with fresh metal in your spine. Needless to say I have been fed a lot of pharmaceuticals, with doctors now decreasing the potency of the dosage to where they basically do nothing now. About two weeks ago my sister and brother in law gave me a hemp creme as a gift to try. after reading the literature,I asked them to order me the paste, which came really quickly. So for a little over a week and a half now I’ve using both 3 times a day..MAJOR IMPROVEMENT!!! My pain has decreased, I went from 5-6 pain pills a day to 2-3( keep in mind this is within a week and a half) I walk with a cane from the surgery…haven’t used it in 3 days now. I’m ecstatic, I’ve had back issues for almost 2 decades now from a motorcycle accident, fed thousands upon thousands of pills…and I’m now down to the least amount I have ever needed with the goal to not need anymore ever. I truly thank my sister and brother in law for introducing me to My Nutra…I am a believer now in the power of hemp.

I started using My Nutra Hemp Paste about a year and a half ago. I had been having symptoms of Macular Degenerative Disease for about five months at that time and had already done research on that disease years ago when an older family member was diagnosed with the same. So I knew about CBD Oil. I started doing my research on where to purchase some but I was concerned about the quality/purity and of course the price. I was talking about my search for CBD Oil to my adult daughter and she told me my granddaughter had a connection ( she was an IBO for My Nutra) and I talked to her. She gave me a trial size jar to try out and so I did. I was at a point with the MDD that I could notice the progression of the disease frequently and was concerned. After a few weeks of using the Hemp Paste I noticed the disease had stopped progressing ~ so I purchased a full jar and after a month I noticed the vision problem I was having looking at lines, horizontally and vertically, curving had improved and not so much of that curve. I continued and still continue using the Hemp Paste and over all this time there has been no progression and the curved lines are not so pronounced. No, they have not gone completely away and no, the shadow ( it’s just one eye) has not completely gone away but it’s just slight so I am not saying it’s a cure but a great help. What the Hemp Paste is from me is a “keeping MDD in check, not getting worse and it is much better than it was before I took the Hemp Paste on a regular basic.” I will continue to do so! Another nice thing I noticed is after each time I would take my 2 grams I felt good, not a high ~ just a “feeling good” ~ balanced. I have another medical issue that being Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and whenever I breathe in vapors of toxic chemicals the muscles in my neck tighten up and the pain is extreme ~ the more I breathe it the worse it gets. Laundry detergent and Fabric Softener are the worse along with perfumes, men’s colognes, most products with fragrance. I avoid it and it’s not allowed in my home but sometimes someone comes in with those fumes and it’s too late. I noticed when taking the Hemp Paste at my regular time that the pain decreased and didn’t last days like before the paste. I now know to use the Hemp Paste whenever I am exposed to toxin vapors. It works better than Ibuprofen which does nothing!! Also for my neck muscles I tried the Hemp Cream and I love it. It does feel good and does relieve the pain. It lasts about 5 hours and used for a few days it actually made the pain diminish. And the scent is divine with it’s gingerly fragrance ( and ginger is good for pain as well) ; for me it makes the cream special because I know that it has no chemicals in it; the same for the Hemp Paste. I recommend both products from My Nutra ~ both have made a great difference in my busy life !! This is how it works for me; every one is different in their needs but these products are certainly worth a try…