What you get as a distributor: 


    Hemp Paste is forecasted to replace the billion-dollar CBD oil industry. To bring Hemp Paste to the world, we have created a one-of-a-kind sales system called "Team Profit" which is also going to revolutionize the sales and marketing industry.


    These two game-changing assets are the foundation of our new Franchise-Hybrid that we call FFF (Forever Free Franchise). This franchise is based on a commission model, Team Profit, that is so easy to understand that even a 5th grader can calculate the commission! We are carefully selecting distributors who have the passion to help others and have a notable amount of social media followers or means to tell people about Hemp Paste.


    If you’re approved, you will be part of an exclusive group of Hemp Paste franchise owners. Please read the Business Owner Agreement to understand more about our Team Profit system. We’re a one-of-kind system, we are NOT an MLM. And the best part? Everything below is absolutely free!!


    WHAT YOU WILL GET WITH YOUR FFF (Forever Free Franchise)

    • A custom company website. For example: TexasHempPaste.com or HempPasteOnline.com

    • Professional email address with your domain name (i.e: name@TexasHempPaste.com)

    • Opportunity to build your own sales team, for which you will receive 20% commission on their sales.

    • 40% commission on products sold from your website.

    • Ongoing live-trainings and support from our staff.

    • World class back-office portal to manage and see your sales team activity.

    • A HUGE 50% off discount on products.

    • You will not have to stock or ship the product. We ship everything for you.

    • Free shipping on orders over $50.

    • FREE marketing materials.

    • Hassle-free end-of-year tax forms. We manage and distribute all tax forms for your sales teams.

    • A line of products that virtually sell themselves. You won’t have to spend hours a day promoting your FFF.

    We believe that natural nutrition is vital to support a healthy quality of life. We are passionate not just about nutrition, but also about helping others find education in nutrition and passing on knowledge in choosing the best natural and effective method to support your health and wellness. This is why we are prudent with applicants. We want people who have the same values to be representatives of our products. We believe in these products so much that we’re willing to give you all of these things free of charge.


    In exchange, we do have a small commitment agreement for our Independent Business Owners. We ask that you are actively selling products to customers. It’s a minimum requirement of all our IBOs to have at least 3 customer orders every month.


    Do you qualify?


    To qualify to become an official Independent Business Owner of Hemp Paste products you must say “yes” to all of the following:


    • ___ I have used 1 or more Hemp Paste products and believe they are helpful.

    • ___ I consider myself a compassionate person who likes to help people.

    • ___ I love to interact with people.

    • ___ People have often come to me for advice when they’re trying to find a solution to a problem.

    • ___ I own a desktop computer or laptop. (Does not include an iPad, cellphone, or tablet)

    • ___ I am willing to learn and grow in the area of health and wellness

    • ___ Navigating the internet is easy for me. I am sufficiently tech-savvy

    • ___ I have a platform (Telegram, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Odyssey, YouTube, etc.) with 500 or more friends/followers that I can promote and share the product to.


    I read and agree to the Business Owner Agreement provided by HempPaste.