CBD Oil VS Hemp Paste


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CBD Paste Making Waves in an Oil Filled World

Proof is in the lab test


For many years false information has been passed around claiming we must concentrate cannabis and hemp in order to receive benefits from it. I personally have been ridiculed and had my name dragged through the dirt more than once for creating Cannabis Paste and Hemp Paste. I even went to the extent of a $25,000 Cannabis Cook-off, but no one would take the cash challenge. This challenge is open to this day. Before I attempt to bend your mind by a simple analogy, simply ask first, where is the proof that we must concentrate cannabis and hemp in order to make it an effective medicine?  Simple analogy with scientific fact.
If you were to take a 1 gram bud to a laboratory for testing and the results, for example, were 19% CBD, that would mean that bud contains 190 mg of CBD. This is a scientific fact. Now take that same bud and drop it into a Mason jar and decarboxylate it at the perfect time and heat, you have 190 mg of CBD in the jar. This is a scientific fact. Unless you can prove the cannabinoids got scared and jumped out of the jar in fear of being eaten, that makes Hemp Paste 100% efficient. This means we have created the most perfect and natural product possible with cannabis and hemp. Now, add a catalyst like a fatty acid (such as MCT oil or coconut oil) to bond to the cannabinoids and you have lift-off.

The answer to the world.
When making RSO or CBD oil, the method requires you to extract the cannabinoids (THC or CBD ) from the plant matter. The used-up plant matter is thrown in the trash can. My Nutra has lab tested the used up plant matter and found that 80% of the cannabinoids are still present in the leftover plant matter. In creating this proprietary paste, My Nutra has opened the door for people who could not afford this medicine, to now have access to it by dropping the cost by 80%.  For more information, google The Billion Dollar CBD Oil Blunder.  Thank you.Brad Morehouse
Founder of My Nutra